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What's tough for Jenny is that she's the only freshman on the team and she has an older sister who is just a phenomenal soccer player. She tends to be kind of quiet, but she comes out and plays hard. I think next year (after) Estelle has graduated, Jenny will come out of her shell a little more, which makes sense.
Cheryl Ingham

That first year was tough. There were a lot of challenges. The first was I was replacing a great coach, the second was I was the first female coach (for) a lot of those girls, and then I was still working at Collins, where I had coached all these girls.
Cheryl Ingham

I told the girls that good goals like that happen, so they shouldn't hang their heads. We hit goals like that too, so we can't leave a window like that open for a team to tie it up.
Cheryl Ingham