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It's a one-score ballgame with 45 seconds and we're on [our own] 45 with a timeout. We practice that two-minute offense every day. We've been in those situations before in practice. We just didn't execute where we needed to execute.
Carroll McCray
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That was interesting to see. I think it proved that Jess has confidence in a lot of people.
Carroll McCray

We can't focus on what was happening on the scoreboard. I told our players that the one thing that they can't beat us at is playing with pride and class. We stayed together as a team and we did not turn on each other.
Carroll McCray

I am very, very pleased with our football team that they could shake off what happened to us the last 14 days and come out here and execute even when adversity hit us a little bit. I hope that says something about our team that we can grow.
Carroll McCray