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This increase in performance reflects the benefit of two years of restructuring and repositioning, and the trust is an attractive investment for investors seeking low risk and a medium return.
Bruce Davidson

[The photograph was described by a police witness as] a joke of a kind someone outside police culture would not understand ... In my view the culture is as sick as the joke.
Bruce Davidson

Jail must be imposed to reflect the ongoing breach of trust, the considerable effect on the victims and the considerable amount of money,
Bruce Davidson

It's like going through a war.
Bruce Davidson

There had been no agreement with Australia, we were not in a position to announce anything and when the other deal came out of the blue it was evident ING NZ were not aware of the discussions.
Bruce Davidson

This excellent result further reinforces the advice given to unit holders that they should take no action on the takeover offer made by ING Property Trust until they are in receipt of all relevant information.
Bruce Davidson