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One of the first things he did was a split in midair in my office. Then he dropped down and did 400 different kinds of pushups - one-armed, clapping in front, clapping behind his back, in the air, flipping over. I was just dumbfounded not only by this guy's charisma but his ability to do this in front of grown adults and look really cool.
Brown Johnson

Mudslides, fire ants, being nuzzled by llamas, going to markets, living in huts, going to animal rescue centers.
Brown Johnson

The idea is that being able to speak a second language becomes a magical power. We wanted to make it special as opposed to being embarrassed about it.
Brown Johnson

I used to run around singing my life to myself. I'd be singing 'I'm going to fall down,' singing about what I was having for lunch, about how mean my brothers were.
Brown Johnson