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The early birth of it came for us in sixth grade. We were talking about how nice it would be to travel cross-country in college.
Brian Reed

It was so life-changing,
Brian Reed

We met a lot of people there who we tried to contact [afterward], but we haven't been able to.
Brian Reed

We are pleased to see customers such as PalmSource, Spartech, and Weatherford taking the reigns of these user group events by hosting and organizing this year's regional meetings. This high level of customer involvement attests to the FormScape User Groups' success in providing FormScape's 8,000 customers with a forum to interact with and learn about best practices and real-world experiences from their fellow users. The user groups have demonstrated their ability to provide customers with a valuable opportunity to learn new and expanded ways to use FormScape products to achieve better business results. Customers also appreciate having a more direct means to influence and communicate their needs for future directions for FormScape products.
Brian Reed

Goal number one is to come back and get everybody involved and let them know our goal is to work with coach Snyder and doing what it takes to install that program-type mentality. Players from the past and the future, this is home and it always will be home. Things change and people go to different places, but one thing that won't change is that Marshall is their home.
Brian Reed