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Brian O'Keefe Quotes

We'll take a little rest halfway down the hill and she'll say, 'more! Go!' and try to turn and go down the hill, so she definitely seems to like it.
Brian O'Keefe

The DHL deal last week was perceived as a sweetheart deal in the trade. Generally speaking Boeing would have had everything to lose and to me it would have been astounding if they hadn't pulled out all the stops to win this order.
Brian O'Keefe

A lot of it is nonsense. One woman stabbed another because she wore a dress without asking. One gentleman was shot to death in a duplex because his son took laundry soap that didn't belong to him.
Brian O'Keefe

We believe it was set. There was no natural cause. There's no power to the building. We found six aerosol cans within a few feet of the origin, which concerns us.
Brian O'Keefe