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They are very sick. Usually, if cats have it they die very quickly, within two to six days, unless they are put on antibiotics.
Brian Hunt

I don't know of it being in this county, but I do know it's in the western United States.
Brian Hunt
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It's awesome. We earned it. We did a month's preparation.
Brian Hunt

More than 100,000 Soldiers have trained on our combat convoy simulators, mostly National Guard. About 1,000 pilots, crew chiefs and Soldiers have trained on the door-gunner simulator at Fort Hood and Fort Rucker.
Brian Hunt

We love to criticize government and we love to say that they don't listen to our needs. This is an opportunity for those who have a vested interest in drug and alcohol services in our community.
Brian Hunt

The board decisions impact and guide county decisions. They are the ears and eyes of the community.
Brian Hunt