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Brian Aldridge Quotes

We didn't play a lick of defense. We played with our heads down and there was poor coaching on our part.
Brian Aldridge

The quarterback is really good; he does some good stuff without a doubt.
Brian Aldridge

I wasn't surprised, we got a good football team. Our kids made up their mind what they wanted to do.
Brian Aldridge

We're hoping for the momentum (from the win), but not (an emotional) high,
Brian Aldridge

We're trying to get healthy. We had a couple starters out for the Southwest game, and a couple people that hadn't practiced. P.J. Gardner missed the game against Southwest, but he'll be back on the O-line. We're working on basic stuff, not looking to change much, just looking to continue to improve.
Brian Aldridge

Steve is such a colorful person, and Steve is passionate. I think we are all passionate about politics. I display my passions in different ways than Steve.
Brian Aldridge