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It definitely gives you confidence. Like last year and earlier this year, you're winning a game and losing one, and you go back and forth like a mediocre team. Finally, you're putting some wins together, and it gives you a lot of confidence going into your next game.
Brent Wilson

We were a little surprised, but we made some shots early, and I guess they thought that the only way to stay in the game was to play man-to-man.
Brent Wilson
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You don't want to go into the tournament losing two in a row and have everybody else having momentum and us having none. So I think it'd be huge to go in there and win on the road and then go play the conference tournament on the road.
Brent Wilson

We said before the game, it was going to take everybody to get this done. I think everybody took that to heart and came together.
Brent Wilson
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He has an incredible opportunity to play at the next level (the pros), and I think he can do it. Hopefully, today he was able to showcase his individual talent as well as being a leader on the floor. Words can't explain what he means to this team.
Brent Wilson

They have guys who go on to the NBA and we have to figure out a way to beat them. I just hope we don?t get dunked on too much.
Brent Wilson