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There's lots of learning in a really fun environment. It's about the most enjoyable learning you'll get.
Brandee Bryant

We're really kicking it up a notch. It's really cool. It's kind of been transformed.
Brandee Bryant

You can be involved and not have ever thought about science or invention in your life. You can have a lot of fun.
Brandee Bryant
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It's our No. 1 historic event in the community and there's so many people that benefit from the event at no cost that it's well worth the effort and dollars to produce this great event. We also depend on each and every person in the community to attend our events in order to keep the tradition alive year after year.
Brandee Bryant

We're going to show it on a very unconventional surface. Many unconventional surfaces in the park will be utilized as we project different Thomas Edison films and (images).
Brandee Bryant
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