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As a quarterback you're supposed to complete balls, not rush. It's not something I'm proud of, rushing for more yards than I threw for.
Bradlee Pelt

I shouldn't be taking sacks. I'm too good an athlete to be takings sacks. I need to get the ball gone or find a crease and run through it. . . . As you can tell, I'm frustrated more on the negative than the positive.
Bradlee Pelt

It's a bigger test. I have to look myself in the mirror and put more pressure on myself. I think I had a step back last week, and this game, I've got to take a couple steps forward.
Bradlee Pelt
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It was nice to take a snap running with the first team. Not that I want them to get used to me. But every little bit helps ... not with confidence but getting the anxiety off, the pressure off.
Bradlee Pelt
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