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Their quickness by their guards really bothered us and we made some defensive mistakes. Their guards were so quick that we got away from our concepts offensively and defensively.
Brad Underwood

I was disappointed in his actions (after he fouled out). He's a young man who has a lot on his plate. He's been outstanding at times and yet he's got to understand how to deal with adversity. Sometimes adversity brings out the worst in us. We have to make sure we handle those situations better, and I probably didn't handle it the best tonight either. He and I will sit down and talk. Just like I told him in the locker room. The one thing I am is honest. I'll tell you if I don't like something. We'll get it handled.
Brad Underwood
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He really had one of his poorer games tonight. He wasn't shooting well.
Brad Underwood

We've got guys turning the ball over right and left. We had 10 turnovers a game during league play, and we doubled that tonight. That's what's frustrating. When you have four guards on the floor, you shouldn't be turning the ball over.
Brad Underwood

There are a lot of guys in Florida, and sometimes you just don't get seen. He was known as an athlete and not a player. But he's come here and improved and worked very hard and been diligent to get better. He's one of those who slipped through the cracks.
Brad Underwood