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I think we're excited to play. This is another good opportunity for us, against one of the top teams in the conference, and we're playing at home, and I think we're excited for that opportunity.
Brad Hill

Barrett has the ability to do that. I've also seen him look pretty silly sometimes seeing him sit on a pitch and not get it. But that one worked out.
Brad Hill

At first glance, the prices for this home-grown content are...well, optimistic, to put it graciously. Unrealistic or inflated, to be harsh about it. A short description and a 30-second clip are the only audition clues you have to decide whether to plunk down 10 bucks (to pick a random example) for 'Segment '76,' an 84-minute comedy set in Poland.
Brad Hill
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Many observers are not looking far enough out. A certain convergence still has to occur in the home, whereby people pull Internet-delivered programming into the living room, not into the home office. The boundary between broadcast and IP packet, and therefore the boundary between pull and push, must be softened before Yahoo gains real traction with original TV-style programming. But in the long run, very few companies are as well positioned.
Brad Hill

We prepared for that play in practice, but it's different when you step between the lines in a game. We just had some indecision and it cost us.
Brad Hill

It's the same old thing. We've been giving up too many walks the last couple of weekends. We hadn't been doing that until recently and they came back to haunt us. And (KU) also did a good job with two strikes, fouling off some pitches before getting the one they wanted.
Brad Hill
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