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This debate isn't about civil rights and the contributions of immigrants. It's about how we address the millions of undocumented residents in a way that respects our laws and those who are waiting to enter the country legally.
Brad Hahn
#Civil Rights

The congressman shares their disdain of smoking. He's not prepared to support the legislation because there are a lot of questions. That's why it's important when these presentations are made in classrooms that all of the information is provided for them.
Brad Hahn

He's allowing the House to move through the process and ? he's listening to different viewpoints. As a speaker he has an obligation to build consensus.
Brad Hahn
#Consensus #Obligation

Our rule of thumb is we want to sit down and exchange information and ideas with our constituents. When the intent is simply to embarrass the congressman or get publicity for a group or a cause, we will not participate in that.
Brad Hahn
#Publicity #Congressman #Constituents