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When you have this kind of weather, you're going to have accidents.
Bob Roberts

Allen's numbers are high, and you're going to need a huge amount of money to make a case against him. And since Allen has not been involved in any disputes, and doesn't seem to have any ethical controversies surrounding him, I don't see how you can make a case against him. And therefore it would be more of a symbolic race to give Democratic voters an excuse to go to the polls versus having any real chance of unseating an incumbent.
Bob Roberts
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In local races, unless there's an overriding issue, and there isn't here, it's going to be more of a personality race. The finances are in pretty good shape. Traffic is terrible, but that's par for the course. Without any overriding issues, it's going to be personalities.
Bob Roberts
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People have lots of relatives everywhere.
Bob Roberts

A lot of churches in this area are doing that.
Bob Roberts