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Despite difficult weather conditions up and down the East Coast, Ford and industry sales remained strong in January. With consumer confidence at all-time highs, and a record-setting economic expansion, we believe 2000 is shaping up to be another very good year.
Bob Rewey

The U.S. economy and consumer confidence remain strong, and demand for new cars and trucks continues at a healthy rate. These conditions and the success of our new products are driving the increase in our third quarter production plan.
Bob Rewey

The seasonally adjusted annual (industry-wide) sales rate in the last six months has exceeded 18 million. Going forward, we anticipate that consumer demand will moderate in response to higher interest rates. Still, consumer confidence remains high and that bodes well for healthy auto sales.
Bob Rewey
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Our inventories are right where we want them to be heading into the second half of the year.
Bob Rewey
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As expected, February sales fell short of last year's record-setting performance. Still, we remain optimistic about the prospects for a 'soft landing' and healthy auto sales.
Bob Rewey

October was the seventh month in a row of higher Ford sales to individual retail customers. This October, over 50 percent of our retail car sales were 1999 models. That is much higher than last October's mix of new models, which was 34 percent.
Bob Rewey
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