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He was outstanding. He didn't really overthrow. He used his fastball on both sides of the plate, two-seam and four-seam. He was a lot of fun to watch.
Bob McClure

It's a work in progress. He has made a major jump. He has taken off a lot of the weight he gained in the winter and everything has been real positive as far as conditioning. That's something he will have to monitor for himself. It can't come from other people. If you're competitive and this is what you want to do, you've got to want it worse than we want it.
Bob McClure

He shows a calmness and an inner strength that I really like. He was pitching in the eighth inning last year with some success. He seems like he relishes the [closer] role. His face lights up. He's confident, and it's all about confidence, the whole gig.
Bob McClure

Once they get to 70 pitches, I like to have them repeat it, and that's what Joe did today. It's easier to do it there [on a back field] because there isn't the strain and stress.
Bob McClure

I think the kid can take to this job. He shows the calmness. He shows an inner strength that I really like, plus he has a plus-fastball. Guys don't look real comfortable hitting off him.
Bob McClure
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