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Migratory birds are the main distributors on the international scale and there is no way to stop them. Locally, migratory fowl and the trade in live and recently dead poultry keep it in circulation, too.
Bob Dietz

A prime task of the WHO experts and their Chinese counterparts will be to conclusively decide if the laboratory was indeed the source of these people's infections.
Bob Dietz

Western nations now realize that if they contain this in Southeast Asia, in fact they might minimize the jeopardy to their own citizens. They are now starting to put money into helping these countries develop surveillance systems, helping these countries to prepare to contain this disease within their own countries.
Bob Dietz
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Areas where we currently see a great deal of H5N1 activity -- Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia -- loom large on our surveillance screen,
Bob Dietz
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It is embedded. But we still see the need to try to control the virus within the animals that keep it alive --- poultry and wild fowl. It's a frontline response, and one that might not work. But we need to mount as many defenses as we can, if for no other reason than to buy time,
Bob Dietz
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