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The city of New Orleans with its famous coffee and beignets, Jazz Music and beautiful architecture will be back like never before
Bill Burke

This city runs on tourists, and this marathon could set a tone. People ask me if it's safe down here for running -- of course, it's safe. I don't need a dome to run this race. I just need some roads.
Bill Burke

We have that problem on this reservation as well. Hopefully, the money we make out of this can go to prevention to help our children to understand the effects of alcohol and drugs, and to do a lot more research, gathering a lot more data.
Bill Burke
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They're going to see some sights. Everything between Mile 3 and through 12 1/2 was under between four feet and 10 feet of water. They'll see X's on houses marked for demolition, and a zero, one or two for houses in which they found dead bodies. This will be a virtual running tour of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.
Bill Burke
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It's no coincidence that it's close to Valentine's Day.
Bill Burke

We were using Stingsilvers. I had an idea there were a few grays around. I wasn't fishing any particular structure. I was fishing in 55 feet of water and watching the depth-finder. When I saw fish on the screen, I was pretty sure they were gray trout.
Bill Burke