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Nothing is 100 percent fool proof. We've tested it in simulations, but until you get the real thing you don't know for sure.
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#Fools And Foolishness

He's a very emotional guy, but he keeps a lot inside. He's a very private person as you know and one thing about Wayne, he stands up for everybody.
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There is a psychological high that people experience when they drink coffee.
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People talk about the details of the airplanes, but it's really about the passion of space travel. It's an affair of the heart. It's really about emotions and creative ideas. How do they get 6,000 pounds of manmade metal into the sky? These planes levitate!
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#Airplane And Aviation

He's a big part of hockey in Canada and he's a guy whose heart and soul is behind his team. He'll be there no matter what happens.
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