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Bob's leadership within professional services and customer support, and Chad's extensive marketing and product management experience, are great assets to TAZZ Networks, enabling us to expand and support our growing customer and partner bases. I am confident that 2006 will be a breakthrough year for TAZZ and that both Bob and Chad will play instrumental roles in expanding our leadership position in the policy control market.
Andy May

We are excited to be playing a key role in Cisco's execution of their IP next generation network vision. As the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, Cisco recognizes that a policy-driven resource control layer is needed to effectively drive powerful triple-play features. With the Broadband Policy Manager, Cisco is able to empower their service provider customers to tap into the world of high-margin premium IP services that excite and attract both consumer and enterprise subscribers.
Andy May

The way it's designed, it's compatible for most suburban office users.
Andy May

It's got big floor plates, a good elevator system. It's a world-class building, which corporations and institutions search for.
Andy May