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Today was the first time since she got back that she was kind of acting like her old self. All week she's been standing in the back of her stall, not really wanting to have much to do with anyone.
Andy Leggio
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I wasn't thinking so much about the hurricane. I was thinking about them. I was worried about all my kids getting out. They listened to their dad this one time.
Andy Leggio

She got back the next morning. I should have rode with her. She was in the stall at 2 o'clock.
Andy Leggio

We had a full house. It was fun.
Andy Leggio

She ran a heck of a race. I though she could outrun those horses. I didn't know about the mud.
Andy Leggio

We're going to take a shot at it. I think she deserves it. She hasn't run with that caliber of horse. We're going to give her a chance to prove herself. She's won every distance I've run her.
Andy Leggio