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Our petition to list the polar bear as a threatened species is based on the overwhelming evidence that global warming threatens the bear with extinction.
Andrew Wetzler
#Global Warming

We saw the Internet as the ultimate direct marketing vehicle. We also realized there would eventually be massive competition to get traffic to Web sites, and firms, both large and small, would need help getting premier positioning on search engines. Savvy marketers held the same opinion of the Internet and were gearing up for the future.
Andrew Wetzler

The key to our past and future success is our ability to adapt to change and remain client focused. There are few industries that have gone through as much growth and transformation as Search, and if you want to consistently perform for your clients you need be at the head of that curve.
Andrew Wetzler

SEM/SEO are becoming more and more a part of mainstream marketing activities as 64% of respondents said they currently have an SEM program in place while 59% said they have an ongoing SEO program. However, the survey did reveal there are still many challenges to such programs as some marketers struggle with certain issues such as return on investment, tracking, expertise and costs which we believe is a result of the relative newness of the two disciplines.
Andrew Wetzler