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I wish there was some paradigm shift in the economics of independent music and we could afford to keep this going for longer. It's just kind of expensive. As long as we're still having a really good time and as long as we're good friends, this seems like the perfect time to not necessarily quit but change the formula a little bit.
Andrew Kenny

The generator of Unit 1 gave problems after the unit was serviced and switched on again.
Andrew Kenny

We don't have enough electricity because we don't have enough power stations.
Andrew Kenny

The price must go up to foot the bill of the new power stations. Without a shadow of a doubt electricity tariffs will increase.
Andrew Kenny

Pieter was a tremendous asset when I played with him previously. He has a great cricket brain and I know he will again fit in well with the rest of the team. His coaching experience will be particularly welcome to the many young talented players at the club now.
Andrew Kenny