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[Hence, in competition with Asians, white Australians have a fatal genetic flaw.] Western-style 'old boy' preference networks, ... are only weakly ethnic in character, and thus, permeable, making them no match for the institutionally directed, in-group solidarity or 'ethnic nepotism' practised by other groups.
Andrew Fraser

I am thinking of changing my name to Tony Abbott to improve my reputation,
Andrew Fraser

Through extensive disaster and business resumption planning and heroic efforts by corporate and local employees, we managed to sustain the highest levels of customer service in the aftermath of the hurricane and to achieve a full recovery of operations in record time.
Andrew Fraser

In order to do this, up-to-date information is required about where heavy vehicle truck rest stops are located.
Andrew Fraser

It's a very comfortable environment. Everybody seems really accessible at South by Southwest. It's very much a filmmakers' festival.
Andrew Fraser