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It is a fascinating period, but people are expecting miracles - and miracles just don't happen, ... We have to be realistic about how fast we can change.
Andrew Davies

For much of the 20th century people left Wales, but today the old adage 'You have to get out to get on' no longer holds, ... For the first time in a long time we now have more people coming in than leaving.
Andrew Davies

I've got some good news for you.
Andrew Davies

Our scheme guaranteeing free travel for elderly and disabled people on local bus services continues to be hugely successful. Nevertheless, we are conscious it cannot benefit people who are not able to use even low-floor buses because of the nature or severity of their disability. This project will not only immediately improve access for these passengers, it will also allow us to test the extent to which community transport is able to meet the transport needs of persons who cannot use conventional buses.
Andrew Davies

Bleak House is a great baggy thing, the plot doesn't work in all sorts of parts, so you've got to tinker with it. Usually I tell myself, find the spine of the story and stick to that and chuck out anything not related to the spine of the story, but that doesn't work with Dickens. You lose the flavor of him if you don't include all those other extra comic characters that he couldn't stop himself from creating. The plot bulges out. It's like horrible boils or something, but in a nice way.
Andrew Davies