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Andrea Gibson Quotes

The purpose of Engage is to raise awareness and promote undergraduate research among the student body.
Andrea Gibson

The interesting aspect of this publication is that it was produced and written by undergraduate students.
Andrea Gibson

All the students were in charge of interviewing, writing, brainstorming ideas and designing.
Andrea Gibson

This year we were given a one-time fund for this special edition of Engage. We hope to secure funding from the university for a future publications.
Andrea Gibson

He is over in Iraq now, ... I worry every day when I wake up. 'How's he doing? I haven't heard from him, what's going on?' Every once in awhile I get an email and he'll say, 'I'm okay, I love you' and that's pretty much how it is.
Andrea Gibson
#I Love You

Political poems are love poems, and then love poems can be political in this society where people can be so separated from each other.
Andrea Gibson