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I'm going to do everything in my power to convince the president that our national security demands at least 12 carriers, if not more.
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The budget proposal by the Department of Defense is short-sighted, short-term thinking, and long on wrong-headedness.
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Conventional wisdom would say that if long rates don't go up when short rates go up that there's some sort of indication of slowing of an economy. On the other hand, people could argue that inflation's under control and the economy is healthy.
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The important thing at this point is to ensure the $62 billion already appropriated, and future funds that go toward the recovery, go to the people who need the money the most and to worthwhile rebuilding projects,
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Jacksonville is one of the fastest growing areas in America and needs to have high-caliber transportation options for its citizens,
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The Jacksonville area is the largest gainer of new jobs and missions in this BRAC round,
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