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Amy Wolfe Quotes

We hustled well and went for every ball, but the holidays caused us to be a bit winded. We had too many turnovers in the second quarter (16) and we're going to have to fix that part of our game for league play.
Amy Wolfe

Danielle is starting to realize that she can make a difference out there, and it was fun to give her so much playing time.
Amy Wolfe

We fought very hard until the end. The missed free throws in the fourth quarter hurt us. But I am very proud of our girls.
Amy Wolfe

We did a lot of good things. They're young. They're excited to take a break, but then to work hard this summer.
Amy Wolfe

I expect the audience will come away having enjoyed a nice light evening of great dancing.
Amy Wolfe

I had been wanting to do a short ballet to Schumann's work for so long and we were finally able to get a great pianist, everything seemed to fall into place.
Amy Wolfe