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We scored goals and had limited success, but we didn't really have the team (last year) to show the potential we had this year.
Amanda Weber

I usually give it to them before they ask. Both Loretta and I are fourth-year players and we always make sure we're there if anyone needs it. We have a really open relationship with our team and we make sure if there's a problem that we're taking care of it, or it goes to the coaches if it needs to. We always try to make ourselves available so they know we're there.
Amanda Weber

We're just trying to find our team style and our team dynamic and chemistry on the court. It's coming. Our last games were really good. We should have won. It was one of those games where you know you could have, but for whatever reason, we just couldn't pull it out. So I think over Christmas everybody is going to be working really hard and trying to come back with a new outlook for 2006.
Amanda Weber