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These results suggest that body condition score plays a very important role in the performance of cooled cows after calving.
Alvaro Garcia

[The EU agreement] gave a lot of support to the market. A lot of buyers came in, ... Tariffs (for exports) will be reduced dramatically. It's excellent.
Alvaro Garcia

Producers need to consider that trying to save a few dollars worth of gas when ensiling their crop could later cost them hundreds making up for forage quality losses. The objective when we ensile any crop is to maintain its quality as close as possible to that of the original forage. We will never be able to have a better product than what we started with and we can only expect to reduce losses to a minimum.
Alvaro Garcia

Dietary modifications that result in reduced ammonia emissions should be considered best management practices. Those practices include adequately balancing diets, feeding highly digestible feedstuffs and preserving feeds adequately.
Alvaro Garcia