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Alonzo Washington Quotes

[Omega Man and his creator have met with their share of controversy.] People criticize me a lot, ... They say, 'Why do you deal with guns, gang violence, racism in your comic books?' Well, kids nowadays have to deal with that.
Alonzo Washington

I want Omega Man to be the equivalent of any Caucasian superhero, like a Superman, Batman, a noble righteous character, ... That's what we're trying to do with Omega Man -- give you a symbol that is African-American but is 100 percent positive.
Alonzo Washington

Most people who call and report stuff are older, ... Even when younger people turn themselves in, it's an older person who convinced them to do so. There's so much violence in youth culture, so much fear ? 'What if I get shot, if they find out?' Revenge is rare, but you see it more with the new breed of young thug-life characters. There's a whole genre of rap that promotes it. I'm not blaming the recording and entertainment industry, but it's that culture ? I'm hard, callous, I don't care .
Alonzo Washington

I come from a long line (of strong black women) and have been involved with strong black women, so I have to (make) Original Woman a strong character. She could never be the back half of Omega Man. It just couldn't happen.
Alonzo Washington

Making a marriage work and having that many kids is a real adventure. It's more challenging than saving the world, I think.
Alonzo Washington