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Alonzo Carter Quotes

We're good. I'm not going to apologize for our growth as a program. But there's a little in-your-face urgency to it. Everybody's watching. We need to win to be able to justify or validate the status of this program. We know that, and we're going to give it our best effort to do that.
Alonzo Carter

I'm always able to remind them of last year's disappointment to bring them back to earth when they're getting full of themselves. We worked real hard in the off-season to be in this situation. We're not going to shy away from it.
Alonzo Carter

I've been told by some people if we lose a game I should be fired. If I'm on someone's dart board to take away pressure from the kids, so be it. The hardest thing right now is keeping them focused and not believing all the press. At the same time, none of us have to apologize for having a successful program. These guys work their butts off year-round on the field and in the classroom.
Alonzo Carter

Rico brings it physically and he will not miss a practice. He's so versatile that last year he was first-team all-league as a wide receiver. He'll run by people, run through people. There's not a lot that he can't do.
Alonzo Carter

We can tell parents who has seen their boy play. We send out tapes to schools now and we have no idea if they really looked at it.
Alonzo Carter