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Allyson Felix Quotes

I'm really pleased with the way I am dominating the race at the moment. I put a lot of work in and it's great to see the results.
Allyson Felix

With Bobby we focus on strength,
Allyson Felix

I feel a lot stronger at the end of my races this year. And I have a lot more confidence in my strength. I think that's been the major difference.
Allyson Felix

I was trying to give it all I had but I knew that I could take it up. I just had to rely on all the work I put in this season.
Allyson Felix

Allyson could run any leg but leadoff. They say she doesn't have relay experience, but this spring she ran relays at Penn, Modesto, Texas and Mt. Sac.
Allyson Felix

It felt cool to break the record. I was not really expecting it but it was fun. We really haven't done that much speed work so I'm pleased with where I'm at.
Allyson Felix