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Allison Forsyth Quotes

Top 30 was my only goal today. I will probably have the No. 1 starting position for the race, so that's perfect. I know where I have to attack and I look forward to it.
Allison Forsyth

I took a lot of risks and made a few mistakes today but I'm really pleased with the result. I'm going to stay neutral about it because I know it's only training.
Allison Forsyth

There's no doubt we can walk a little taller right now. We know that it's going to be podium or bust at the Olympics so we have top three on our mind.
Allison Forsyth

While other people were off eating turkey I was hitting the slopes and improving my skiing. I made some major changes that have showed up right away.
Allison Forsyth

My main focus is the giant slalom, that's the event I know I can be on the podium in if I ski best.
Allison Forsyth