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The conventional wisdom is that Tom Cruise shot himself in both feet and the stomach. And he's trying to correct that, ... We have yet to see any hard evidence that he's hurt himself professionally. Clearly he's more controversial and less popular, but that's a subjective judgment.
Allan Mayer

We have heard second-hand reports that the tape allegedly shows consenting adults, including someone identified as R. Kelly, engaged in sexual activity. Since we haven't seen the tape, we can neither confirm nor deny that it is in fact Mr. Kelly,
Allan Mayer

To be fair, he has a personal history of charitable works like this, so it's not as if this is some person making a desperate effort to rehabilitate his career by suddenly reshaping himself as a philanthropist. The problem is we live in such a cynical age that it really doesn't matter what his intentions are; this will be viewed in cynical terms.
Allan Mayer

There was a fair amount of misinformation circulated by the media, and Jason Catlett was part of it. If you're looking for me to say Jason is a menace to society, I'm not going to say that. But I wish he were a bit more temperate.
Allan Mayer

The entertainment media is changing. The currency a movie star had was the ability to put people in the seats. They command enormous salaries. But simply having a star in a movie isn't enough. Young audiences don't have the same loyalties and interests that previous generations have. That's why there is so much panic in the industry.
Allan Mayer

The movie star is past its peak in terms of its power. Which is not to say it's not very powerful, but people are realizing that other forces at work are more powerful, which no one can quite identify yet.
Allan Mayer