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Ali Omar Quotes

Before (Saturday), we had 47 corner kicks and no goals off of them. We worked very hard on that during practice last week, and it paid off because we got three corner kick goals this weekend.
Ali Omar

This was the best game we have played this season. You can't say enough about our defense. They did a great job just controlling the game today.
Ali Omar

I've been trying to vote since 10 a.m.. They say I'm not registered to vote, but four days ago, I went to the police station to register and they said I could vote with my ID card. Today when I tried to vote, they said I couldn't.
Ali Omar

The residents knew what happened last time the moths came. Hundreds of people suffered skin irritations and asthma and when the moths came this time they started buying lotions and staying indoors.
Ali Omar

Gunmen warned my father to close his real estate agency, threatening to kill him because they regarded selling God's land as forbidden. He refused ... and five days later was killed.
Ali Omar