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Ali Mann Quotes

We've got to put this away. At this point, we almost expect to. If we didn't, it'd be a disappointment. It would mean a lot.
Ali Mann

Our defense really locked down and made them work for every shot they could get.
Ali Mann

Once we calmed down a little bit and got over the initial embarrassment, I guess you could say, we looked at the season as a whole and we're proud of ourselves. 15-1 teams, they come and go, but a 16-0 team you'll always remember. We're glad to be in the books.
Ali Mann

Last year was more of an eye-opening experience. We were wide-eyed walking around Seattle. Now we know what it's all about and we're going there with a purpose.
Ali Mann

The first half I thought we did some pretty good things trying to keep their main players under control. But they're great players and they made some tough shots.
Ali Mann

Being in her home state, she feels like she has something to prove.
Ali Mann