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Alexis Hornbuckle Quotes

We were mental midgets. We didn't step up.
Alexis Hornbuckle

I think this loss definitely taught us a lesson. It definitely opened up our eyes.
Alexis Hornbuckle

The game was lost in the first half. We didn't play Tennessee basketball. We came up short. The little things got to us.
Alexis Hornbuckle

The second one, I actually forgot to match up (on defense). (Army) almost scored. You gotta realize that you're still playing a basketball game after that.
Alexis Hornbuckle

Overall, I was pretty happy with myself. I don't care if I score three points, to me I played defense well, I was able to pass and I was on the boards.
Alexis Hornbuckle

She's an excellent point guard. She takes care of business for her team, she's consistent, it's going to be hard to lock her down.
Alexis Hornbuckle