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[When at Portsmouth two seasons ago, on a similar loan deal to the one which brought him to Charlton from Chelsea this summer, he was thrilled to discover Conan Doyle's role in helping found the club.] He even played for them, ... I was interested in him from when I was young so it was very exciting. Charles Dickens was also born there.
Alexei Smertin

England are not playing properly. So why not call Danny Murphy? He is playing well and is one of the best in the country in his position. He is also playing with confidence after our good start. Like Luke Young, he is in good shape.
Alexei Smertin

I've received an offer from a Russian club.
Alexei Smertin

I wanted to return home. Dynamo had offered me the best possible conditions and I was happy to join them.
Alexei Smertin