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First and foremost, we are cooperating with the Palestinian National Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas rather than the government. Our general policy of cooperation with the PA would not change. We will judge the future government by its deeds. We hope that the policy chosen by Abbas will be continued.
Alexander Kalugin

It is important for the international community to make balanced moves in the present situation.
Alexander Kalugin

We call on them to adhere to prior agreements, to put an end to terrorist acts. And, of course, they must move to recognize Israel's right to exist.
Alexander Kalugin

We must await events in the Palestinian territories, what the government will be, what its program will be, what Palestinian relations with leading regional actors will be and what will happen in Israel.
Alexander Kalugin

It is hard to distinguish between Islamism, radicalism and terrorism in one and the same melting pot.
Alexander Kalugin

The main thing is they should clearly speak on the issue of recognizing the state of Israel.
Alexander Kalugin