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When you talk to customers, you can tell that a lot of them are a lot more local.
Alex Jones

We have, without any fanfare or much conversation, moved into a era in which news organizations are expected to explain themselves. Twenty years ago, it would not be expected that the New York Times would explain itself. The concept of what accountability is has changed.
Alex Jones

The fact that the vice president shot someone at close range is very interesting. It is easy to mock, and jokes continue. But it should not be the role of the press to make jokes. That is bad judgment.
Alex Jones

The judges felt that, in a field of hugely important investigations, the revelation of systematic domestic spying by the government was the most important. They wanted to send a message that this kind of reporting is essential to our democracy.
Alex Jones

Today is an entertainment show that has a news segment. I don't think there's any question that NBC sees it that way.
Alex Jones