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This is a place that attaches itself to your heart. And that's the kind of person this school needs or can attract. But it's not necessarily one of 30 or 40 candidates churned up in a search. This person is not looking for a job and isn't necessarily easily pried loose. The good ones aren't.
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Our trip to Washington reminded us that there is an idea of justice that we believe is worth fighting for. As we helped the survivors of America's bloodiest civil disturbance since the abolition of slavery up the steps of the high court, we realized that their struggle for a just society has become our struggle for a just society.
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Their fate rests in their hands.
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I never gave it a thought, so I'm sure that there were dogs on campus.
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Samson was a total winner. He was very masculine, very aloof. Particularly girls admired him. In fact, he was the centerfold in the alumni magazine. It was nice when I was there that it was possible.
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