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Mr Lavagna was one of the few members of the Cabinet that seemed to have some understanding of the concerns and interests of investors.
Alberto Bernal

The deterioration in the perception of the central bank's independence will hinder local markets from seeing the issuance of non-indexed paper in the foreseeable future, implying the stagnation in the recovery of the local capital markets.
Alberto Bernal

Companies are signing these accords because it's a lost battle against the government. We still remember Shell. Sooner or later, there will be problems with the supply, which will be lower because no company will want to produce if it doesn't receive a proper profit.
Alberto Bernal

The market is weak today because of continued adjustment of the 10-year U.S. treasury and the strength of the euro.
Alberto Bernal

Controlled inflation will allow the bank to hold the rate at its current level. In my view, potential growth in Colombia is higher than what the consensus believes, so I don't think inflationary pressures will lead the bank to raise rates this year.
Alberto Bernal