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Alan Webb Quotes

I thought I could surprise those guys and open up a margin and steal the race,
Alan Webb

Rugby is the smallest PCT in the whole of the country... our council should be fighting hard to retain it.
Alan Webb

It's for a good cause, but it's fun, too.
Alan Webb

Being here makes me feel like I'm part of the club.
Alan Webb

I can't wait to run in the footsteps of the great milers like Steve Scott, John Walker and Peter Elliott, and to get the chance to break the tape, ... I'm excited to see a tradition come back and I'm very motivated. It should be a great race.
Alan Webb

People do notice even in failed attempts. I've gotten more congrats for finishing ninth in the world championships than anything else I've done. And No.?2, I realized once I made the finals, it will be very difficult to win in a race like that.
Alan Webb