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Global warming will significantly affect the reduction of rainfall in Phoenix and the amount of air pollution in the summer. It will go up, because a lot of the air pollution is created by the sunlight interaction with very warm polluted air that will produce smog.
Alan Thorpe
#Global Warming

People get concerned when temperatures at night get very high. With temperatures being 10 degrees higher, nightly minimums will get high as well, and people find that uncomfortable.
Alan Thorpe

There are a number of knock-on effects of changing climate and environment that people can find hard to cope with.
Alan Thorpe

Essentially the more we pollute the atmosphere, the more we can expect these [negative] effects to occur. We are beginning to see points, such as melting of the Greenland ice sheet, that if we don't do anything about it, we will be witnessing potentially irreversible changes.
Alan Thorpe

For me coming from England, I think that for Phoenix having so much sunshine, solar panels would be a great way to generate electricity.
Alan Thorpe