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Private companies can always do what they want, ... I don't think this amendment is going to change business. There's a lot of scaring going on, with folks telling people that if they vote for this, they're discriminating. I can tell you there is no discrimination in our company, and this amendment isn't going to change that.
Alan Sager

Rising prescription brand-name drugs are raising insurance premiums to unaffordable heights, ... The existing world of multiple prices and multiple discounts, and great amounts of complexity and paper work, harm ordinary American patients, businesses and taxpayers.
Alan Sager

This report card does not offer valid ground for reassurance. We have closed half of our hospitals since President Kennedy was inaugurated. In some parts of the state, it means substantially greater travel time to the emergency room.
Alan Sager

They have been debating for a year the question of covering everyone . . . and yet it appears that the legislative compromise will only provide $144 million through the new employer assessment . . . in its first three years.
Alan Sager

The law doesn't provide remotely enough to finance affordable decent coverage.
Alan Sager