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Alan Ross Quotes

I personally don't believe what he did reached the level of being removed from vice chair of the committee,
Alan Ross

I live next to the quarry which I remember from its later stages of life as just a large water-filled hole in the ground.
Alan Ross

A comprehensive plan should educate a community, it should address the social fears, concerns and stigmas people have, it should provide a practical knowledge on how to address the issue,
Alan Ross

The athletic department for the most part stands on its own. The parents and the fundraisers are a big part of what it takes to allow our athletes to do what they do, because it can be very expensive.
Alan Ross

It is the largest food bank in the United States, and has quadrupled the amount of food distribution in the last few days, ... They were overwhelmed when we got here. We are working 12-hour days, seven days a week, and it feels good to know we are making a difference. The people are happy to see us and are very appreciative.
Alan Ross