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Alan Nicholl Quotes

He definitely has the hot hand right now. He's booming with confidence. He's so determined to not lose; he's willing himself to make these saves.
Alan Nicholl

Twenty-some shots is a tremendous game, offensively. For them not to score a goal, you have to hand it back to our kids; they put up such a great defensive effort.
Alan Nicholl

Playing the state champion-that's exciting; that's what you want. They [Henderson] are just a perennial powerhouse year in and year out, they're the team to beat.
Alan Nicholl

We're really enjoying the role of the underdog.
Alan Nicholl

Our coaching philosophy at Council Rock is that you should watch each other's back, and support one another. We're always preaching that to the kids. It's great to see this in action outside the field of play.
Alan Nicholl