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Alan Light Quotes

Digital music delivery is the future and it represents a general paradigm shift, ... The record companies don't know how to sell music in the digital age and that scares the hell out of them.
Alan Light

These kind of festivals can be massive for an economy, ... You don't need to build new stadiums, pass tax levies to fund development. You utilize existing facilities, the stuff that's there. Once you get a routine down, it's healthy for everyone involved and people know it's a destination city
Alan Light

I think the single thing that George brought was his interest in and introduction of Indian music into rock and roll,
Alan Light

And though people think about Lennon and McCartney as sort of the A-list of Beatles and George as filling in a spot, he was remarkable guitar player, tremendous songwriter, and he really shaped a lot of the direction of where the band went,
Alan Light

To 18-year-olds who control what gets played on the radio, Michael is someone their parents listen to.
Alan Light